Should Athletes Be Allowed To Stand For The National Anthem?

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Americans have been conducting peaceful demonstrations for years. These demonstrations are almost always held in protest of an important cause. Sports figures also protest for different causes they feel strongly about. However, because they are in the spotlight, sometimes these public figures are not treated equally when they try to voice their opinion about a cause. One such cause is the correct tribute to our country's song. As a result, they are often punished for openly expressing themselves. Consequently, sports figures, such as professional athletes, should not be penalized when some choose not to stand for the National Anthem. The freedom of speech and expression is every American citizen's right. Every American citizen has the right to speak freely about one’s opinions and ideas without being penalized. However, professional athletes are often treated differently…show more content…
There is no law that states one is required to stand for the National anthem. However, the U.S. code is a unwritten law that states that the point when the anthem is being played, people should face the flag and put their right hand over the heart . However, the U.S. code is not an legal authorization. Therefore, the sports figures who do not stand for the flag are not disobeying the law. Athletes can be encouraged to stand for the anthem but not required to do so. Any sport figures have the right to exercise their right, therefore a punishment for not standing for the anthem would be unfair. Overall, athletes should be able to choose to stand for the anthem without punishment. Every American citizen has the right of freedom of speech regardless if others disagree. Not standing for the anthem is not being disrespectful to those who serve the country. Also, making the choice of remaining seated during the National Anthem is not against the law. It is important to know one's rights, so no unfair punishment is
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