Flag of the United States Essays

  • The United States Flag: A Symbol Of Freedom

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    As I recited the pledge of allegiance every day in school, I never really took into consideration what the United States stands for to me. I never acknowledged how much the flag means to our country. The United States flag is a symbol of freedom to all who live here. It shows how we are free to do what we please. We are very fortunate to live in a country where we have rights and are protected. Many countries live under a dictator, where one rules the rest and threatens them. The residents have to

  • The Adequate Flag In The United States

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    WOOSTER — Whenever President Barack Obama or Gov. John Kasich order flags to be flown half-staff, there is a good chance the Wayne County commissioners will be receiving a complaint or two because the courthouse flag never lowers. More precisely, the courthouse flag is only lowered when it is being replaced. When the president or governor has ordered the flags lowered to honor a prominent person’s death or national tragedy, all of the flags on county property are lowered, except the courthouse, and this

  • Research Paper On Flag Of The United States

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    The Flag of the United States Mr. Pointer Period 3 Andrew Molloy Table of contents Foreword Page 2 The flag of the United States report Pages 3-5 Picture of the flag of the United States Page 6 What I learned Page 7 Works cited Page 8 Bibliography Page 10 FOREWARD The flag of the United States, also known as Old Glory, should be respected all the time. I belong to the Boy Scouts of America and know alot about the flag but by

  • Persuasive Essay On Flag Burning In The United States

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    Flag Burning Imagine you're walking down the street and you see someone taking the one thing you have worked for and they were burning it right in front of you. Would you be angry? Soldiers, who protect us and risk their lives for ours, feel that way. The soldiers represent the flag and they fight to get it in the air, just to watch someone use their rights to freedom of speech and burn it. Flag burning should be illegal because adults make any changes because of the existing laws, children see

  • Betsy Ross Speech

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    The iconic design of the Stars and Stripes on the American flag has been a symbol of hope to every citizen in America since its making. Every time an American citizen sees these stars and stripes, they are reminded of their safe home in the United States of America. Every time a soldier sees the flag, they are reminded of what they are fighting for. They are fighting for the freedom that every citizen in the United States takes for granted, yet they still bravely fight for that freedom. As children

  • Betsy Ross Argumentative Essay

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    heated debate about a flag. This time it's not the Confederate flag, though, but the original "Betsy Ross" flag. Although historians are not sure whether Betsy Ross actually made the flag, her name is forever associated with it. Everyone recognizes the flag, the one with 13 stars on a blue background and 13 red and white stripes. It was approved by the Continental Congress in 1777. There, the convention delegates adopted a resolution stating that "the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes

  • Flag Speech: First Country To Land On The Moon

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    Flag Speech On July, 19th 1939 Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong sent a message to Mission control in Houston, Texas. The message stated “The Eagle has landed”. I believe that this message is supposed to mean how America was the first country to land on the moon. “Eagle”, representing America because the eagle is an emblem of our country much like our flag. The American flag was also put on the surface of the moon. If you look at a picture of the moon you can still see the flag of the

  • Freedom Of Speech During The Pre-Enlightenment Era

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    criminally punished due to beliefs, actions or speech. We were ensured that our right for expression, verbal and non-verbal, would be heard without restriction or limitation. The First Amendment regarding Freedom of Religion, Press, [and] Expression states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for

  • External Factors Affecting Coca Cola Essay

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    1.1 Explain the importance of external factors affecting Coca-Cola Company. Introduction The coca cola company was invented in 1886 in New York Habour. Like people who make history, John Pemberton of Atlanta pharmacy, was motivated by simple curiosity and one afternoon he enthused up a fragrant caramel – colored liquor and he carried it out after it was done. He put it on sale on a few doors down to Jacobs’s pharmacy for 5 cents on 3p a glass. A Pemberton’s bookmaker, frank Robinson named this

  • Primary Qualities In John Locke's Philosophy

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    The main foci of this paper are to delineate the distinction between the primary qualities and secondary qualities of John Locke’s philosophy and its objection. Now some fundamental questions come to my mind such as what is primary quality? What is secondary quality? And why they are different? Before proceeding Locke’s position it is necessary to define two terms which will be used throughout this paper: “idea” and “quality.” “Idea” will refer to the perception the mind has of an object or body

  • Personal Narrative: My First Carillonneur

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    On August 16, 2015, I attended my very first carillonneur recital at the Grand Valley State University’s Cook Carillon. I was not sure what to expect. What I saw was most definitely not what I expected. It was a new experience for me and I learned about a new kind of music that I was ignorant about. Before going to a concert or recital it helps the viewer if they do a little research on what they will be listening to or viewing. I failed in this category and that became apparent as I walked

  • The Lottery, By Etgar Keret: Literary Analysis

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    Allen. In this one guy, Gregory tried to express his freedom by burning the American flag. This raised an uprising on what is worth expressing freedom and is defacing the American flag.”Each individual is to have the freedom to develop by his or her own lights, and not by the command of officialdom.” This states that we have the right to our own ways of freedom. To express ourselves, consequently, we would like. How are we supposed to embrace our

  • Essay On Color Guard

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    know it consists of dance, flag, rifle, and sometimes saber. I also know that color guard marches with the band and has an indoor season, specifically focused on color guard. Color guard is something I am very passionate about and I want more in depth about the history of guard, how it benefits me, and what other people think of color guard. I am hoping that this information will help me better understand the activity I am a part of.

  • Informative Essay: The Life Of The American Flag

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    The Life of the American Flag Hello I am the American Flag and im here to tell you about how I have become the current American Flag that we all know today. It all started in 1775 when i changed five times. The first design i had was white with a green christmas tree that had big bold black letters s[e;;om gpit, " AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN". The second design that i had was red and white stripes with a rattle snake on it with black words that said "Don 't Tread on me". The thrid design I had in 1775

  • Goffman Dramaturgical Analysis

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    Kevin McCowen 13347796 Outline & assess goffmans dramaturgical approach, in your answer you should consider how these ideas can be applied to everyday life. “Life its self is a dramatically enacted thing” – Goffman (1959:72) Intro Goffman, where he was from, his influences and how these shaped his dramaturgical approach. Goffman spent 3 years in a mental institution in Bethseda Maryland. Goffmans Dramaturgical Approach Throughout his work on symbolic interactionism and dramaturgy one key thing

  • A Summary About Nationalism

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    Nationalism, what comes to our minds when we hear this such word? This one could mean when the inhabitants of the country wish to fight for the nation rather of a certain group? Does it mean that this particular person wanted freedom from which they still fight on from the oppressors of the land? When we say nationalism, it is a feeling of devotion to have pride in one’s country. But how this nationalism reaches its people in order to be free and, consequently become patriot in the country. For

  • Orion Telescopes Advertisement Analysis

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    getting better at ignoring advertisement, but occasionally, some brilliant advisement can be stuck in one’s head. One advertisement for Orion Telescopes was particularly interesting. With just three images, the moon, the American flag, and the Made in China on the flag, it captured the capability of their product and added an ironic twist at the end. The simplistic design, the clear message, and the interesting layout works great together to promote their telescope, and intrigue their American consumer

  • Confederate Battle Flag Analysis

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    southerner?] (Fort 2002). The state coat of arms that was added to the Georgia State flag in 1905 was the only adjustment made to the flag till 1956. There was a move by the legislature in 1956 to incorporate a similar Confederate battle flag into the state flag. These legislators, who supported the segregation plans in defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Brown V. Board of Education decision, also gave their support to changing the state flag to incorporate the Confederate battle flag (Cobb 111). , it’s simply

  • American Flag Research Paper

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    The American flag is frequently displayed in the United States as a national symbol for Americans. Being that the American flag is frequently displayed in windows, and or flown on pole, this shows the importance on a national attachment to the American flag. You would think the amount of exposure of the American flag would increase patriotism, fondness, and the commitment one might show towards one’s country, and nationalism, defined as a sense of dominance over other countries flags. Of its own superiority

  • Confederate Flag Definition

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    your lapel, the bumper of your vehicle or in the form of a flag, is representative of your principles and ideals. The principles and ideals behind the Confederate States of America are as complex today as they were during the mid-1860s. Even though the South didn’t win the war there are still those who display the flag with absolutely no sense of its meaning and that is a perilous way to live your life. The problem with the Confederate Flag arises not directly from its philosophical and culturally