Should Fathers Be Involved In Raising Children Essay

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In United States, more than fifty percent of children are raised by only mothers. Many of them have never met their fathers. Sadly if this problem continue in United States, the next generation of all children will be raised by single parents. Most of people on Television are debating about should fathers be involved in raising their children. Fathers should be involved in raising their children in order to avoid damaging children behavior, prevent family sinking below poverty and keep children focused on education. One of the most important reason fathers should be involved in raising their children is to keep them stop damaging their children behavior. In the absence of fathers in children damage their behavior their many ways. They start to learn how to use weapon, involve selling drugs. When fathers are involved in their children life they give them punishment. …show more content…

When mothers and fathers live together, they work together and can afford more necessaries. When mother’s stays home father can go to work and mother can take care children. In this way children won’t get mentally poverty. They will not have to worry about things that they need their father and mother will be able to buy for them. Children get less opportunity to success in their life because of poverty. Fathers play huge role to prevent poverty in family. Finally, fathers should be involved in raising their children to motivate them to good education. Father’s involvement makes children to focus on their education. Fathers may help them with their everyday homework. Fathers give them punishment for not doing their school work on time. Father’s punishments are such as not taking them out for ice cream or not giving them money for school. Mothers sometimes cannot help with their school homework because of all other work they have to do. Mothers find very hard sometime to take their children for school

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