Should Football Be Banned In High School Essay

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Football is a sport that is played in schools across the country. Like anything else, football has its pros and cons. It can be beneficial to the player in many different ways but it can also hurt the player in different ways. Many different studies have showed both sides of the spectrum. Playing football inis high school has many benefits for the student. One of the more obvious facts of playing football is that it “Playing football can helps kids stay in shape”(Khan). Playing football allows teens to get active and also make friends, since it is a team sport that requires a lot of teamwork on field. Working together with teammates also will build social skills for the teens playing, since football requires communication with other players. Another benefit of playing football that one might not think of is that “Organized sports don 't just help kids ' bodies, but their minds as well, says Kim Gorgens, …show more content…

On the other hand, though, many people believe that football should be banned in high school due to the many risks that come with playing the game. The game has a staggering statistic that says “Because of its violent nature and the sheer numbers of people who play, football is the leading cause of school sports injuries”(Safety). Many believe that just with this as a basis football in high school should be banned in high schools but it should also be noted that there is no sure way that concussions can be prevented. Here “Dr. Robert Cantu, the co-director of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at the Boston University School of Medicine [believes that] ”(Reed) believes that “a young person’s brain is too vulnerable and no modernized helmet or altered playing rules can fully prevent concussions”(Reed). If there is no was to guarantee that kids will be safe playing the game, it should not be given as an option to play at such a young age. Since injuries are prevalent and some are unpreventable, the game should not be played by children and

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