High School College Football Comes With Risk Essay

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“With high school just around the corner, a new study is raising awareness of the risks associated with playing the game,” said the article High School, College Football Comes With Risk by Jeffrey Perkel. In the article by Jeffrey Perkel it states, “Researchers found that college football players get injured more often than their high school counterparts but high school athletes are more likely to end up injured.” Youth sports are harmful because they, make the kids so they are most likely to end up in the emergency room, they do not get enough sleep, and the college students get injured easier. Youth sports are helpful because, they help with educational purposes, they have positive effects on adolescents, and they helps associate kids with participation and sportsmanship. However, with all the information I have gathered they say things like, “But better coaching may help.” This quote is from the article, What in the Name of High School Football by Hank Hill. First, they …show more content…

The story by Jeffrey Perkel says, “Not unexpectedly, college players were about twice as likely to injure themselves as high school students, Comstock said, suffering 8.6 injuries per 1,000 athlete- exposures (a practice or competition), compared with high school athletes 4.36 injuries/ 1,000.” This is saying that college students are more likely to get injured then high school athletes, this quote would also support that kids are going to the emergency room very often at young ages. This article also states, “But the researcher said she was surprised to find that the distribution of injuries differed, with fractures, concussions, and season-ending injuries more common among high school athletes.” This researcher was surprised that she found that so many kids were getting injured, especially that the ones with more were college students. Most people would think in college they would make sure you wear enough protection and keep you more

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