Should Football Be Played In High School Essay

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There have been many arguments that football should not be played in high school because it cause too many injury but it can be played safety. In eddition there are contributions that the sport brings to school it raises money and it encourages kids to get good grades. Research shows there are ways to make football is a concussion. Although most people think mouthguards are for your teeth, it actually protects you from concussions because if your upper and lower jws snap together it makes your brain hit your skull making the concussion. Also there is a lot of equipment being inverted that makes the players avoid concussions like the concussion safe helmet. There has also been many rule changes in the NCAA and NFL that makes football safer. …show more content…

It brings needed money for their small budgets if you win the championship game for football the school gets more than 400,000 dollar. That money could be spent on hiring new teachers, getting new books, or providing scholarships for students. If there was no high school football the school would have less teachers and lee's teaching equipment. If people cut high school football that mean a smaller budget for schools. Football encourages students to get good grades. The players have to have a certain grade point average it makes kids get the grades they might work harder and get the grades the students might otherwise not get. Also it helps kids come together, study together and sometimes even make there own homework club. Like when it was football season for our team for our team we would go into our coaches room and do our homework together. What’s so bad about football it's fun it makes money for schools, and it makes the students get good grades, why are the people who aren’t playing the sport like the principal deciding? If the athletes don’t want to play they don’t have to. It is a great american pastime that has been around for over 100 years. Football is a safe sport it raises money for school and it makes kids get good grades and these are reasons that football has stayed in high school all that

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