Persuasive Essay: Benefits Of Sports In High School

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In some schools around the world, many kids are all about learning. In other schools, many like to focus on learning, and the sports that they enjoy playing. Many children that go to school are more involved in sports then they are in their education. If many schools didn’t have after school activities the kids are always able to play outside of school such as recreation centers, and club teams. Parents today are more worried about their child’s education then they are with their sports. Sports in school are not as fun if students are not able to maintain their grades, which is why many are never able to play in a game. It is easier to maintain a good grade if students didn’t need to focus on other things such as sports. Sports at school, especially in high school have away games that are maybe an hour and a half away, by the time the athletics get home from a game they will have no …show more content…

Sports are not only fun, they give people the confidence to do something that they enjoy doing. Learning in school and playing sports at the same time isn’t that hard if you’re very well focused. Schools would not be any fun if there were not any sports, I mean come on, what’s the point of high school if you don’t get anything good out of it besides a diploma? Many kids that go to school find a purpose of what they love doing, some like the academics and some simply just love playing sports. Too many, it is easier getting a scholarship in sports then it is for academics, that’s why many go to college, not only for the class work but for the sports as well. There can be many arguments to this topic but there is only one good explanation. Whether people think sports should not be a part of school, or whether they do, I will always believe that sports are a great thing to have. Sports are one of the many reasons why kids are able to say that they enjoy coming to

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