Essay About School Sports

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Imagine going to school and not having a big game to look forward to on fridays. Or only being able to do a sport outside of school. You wouldn’t be able to bond with anyone from your school as easily. You would only have a couple of friends. Or imagine growing up and being a little scaredy cat that can’t work well with others. Or if you grew up and were obese. Being in one of those world record books for being the fattest person alive. That would be horrible. This is why we need school sports. School sports are good because sports help you with life skills, sports help you stay fit, sports help you with grades and help keep you out of trouble. First of all, schools should have sports because sports help with life skills. You might be wondering, how do sports help with life skills? Well, sports actually help in many ways. Sports can help you be responsible. You need to remember to bring all of your gear and remember to do your part in the game. That is all part of being responsible. Sports can also help you with teamwork. You need to be able to work with a team and work well with other people. Like …show more content…

Sports also keep you healthy. You don’t want to be on one of those people who can’t fit through a door. Sports can stop that from happening. Sports prevent obesity. If you play a sport that means you are doing some sort of physical exercise. If you exercise you won’t get fat. In my school, i’ve seen bigger kids not get picked for games or not have a partner. They look super sad when this happens. It’s kind of their own faults though. They should be eating healthier and running around and playing outside more. I know that sounds really mean but it is the truth. Sports also keep you healthy. They keep you healthy because when your doing a sport you don’t want to eat really really unhealthy foods. You might not be able to do your sport as good if you eat horrible. So sports can make you eat

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