Persuasive Essay: Freedom Middle School Football Team

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Why we should have a school football team

All in all I feel that it would do better for the school to have a football team. Why because having a football team would help the school in a variety of ways. Kids will work hard to keep their grades up. Students will be on their best behavior that way they dont get into any trouble. Students will pay attention in class. Kids will be friends with one another which would help stop bullying. Kids would bond over football and become friends which means less kids would not have friends so less kids will get picked on.

One important reason Freedom Middle School should have a football team is it will benefit the school in several ways. One of the main reasons it would benefit our school is …show more content…

They will learn that they need all the players best effort to succeed. Students that are on the team and even that aren 't on the team will encourage each other to do well. Students that are members of the team will learn team play and how to work together. Students will take pride in leadership and even friendship. Kids will have fun on the field and off the field. The coaches will teach the players teamwork and how to work together which can also benefit in the classroom with the students and the teachers.

These are just some of the many reasons that we should have a school football team. I feel that it 's good to give the students the opportunity to pursue their dream of being a professional football player. Having a school team will help them pursue that dream. Having a school football will help benefit the school in so many ways and not even just in the classroom but all around the school. Will help produce positive energy if they have a big game up or even if they win a game. That’s why i think we the students at Freedom Middle School should have a school football team and i know you will feel the same

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