Importance Of Having A Football Team

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Why we should have a school football team

All in all I feel that it would do better for the school to have a football team. Why because having a football team would help the school in a variety of ways. Kids will work hard to keep their grades up. Students will be on their best behavior that way they dont get into any trouble. Students will pay attention in class. Kids will be friends with one another which would help stop bullying. Kids would bond over football and become friends which means less kids would not have friends so less kids will get picked on.

One important reason Freedom Middle School should have a football team is it will benefit the school in several ways. One of the main reasons it would benefit our school is kids will work hard at keeping their grades up so they can play on the team. Even if students grades are right at passing its still passing and thy can play on the team. Having a football team will encourage students to turn in all their work and pay attention so they can complete assignments. Kids will turn in all their work that way their grades stay up and don’t become failing grades. Students in class will work hard and want to do their work. Students will want to turn in work on time. That way they can keep their grade’s high as possible. For example if i wanted to be a member of the football team at chancellor high school i would not only want to strive on the field but also i would need to do well in the classroom by getting C and
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