Should Prostitution Be Allowed In The United States Essay

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Prostitution: Should It Be Allowed In the United States? In the Netherlands prostitution has been legalized and is currently being regulated by the government. While in Sweden, a different model for prostitution has been implemented, known as the big-stick model by some activists. So the question is, should prostitution continue the way it has for years in the U.S. with no signs of changing our laws on prostitution, similar to the model in Sweden? Or should we implement a new model of prostitution where it is either declared legal or decriminalized, like the Netherlands? So what are our options? Well, as I have briefly touched upon, there are two models that are currently the mainstream as far as prostitution goes. There is the big-stick model, as well as the legalize and regulate model. The terms of the Big-stick model are similar to those found in the United States. Prostitution is considered an illegal act, but rather than arresting both the prostitute and their client, only the client is arrested. While the terms of the legalize and regulate model can be inferred from the name. In this model prostitution is legalized, and regulated by the government. The prostitutes in this model are regularly tested, and condom use is typically mandatory. Feminists and many left wing activists will argue that the legalize and regulate model …show more content…

I find that prostitution as a whole is currently not possible with the models that we have now. There is just too much corruption, deceit, and lies, that completely ruin the whole process of making prostitution a safe and healthy profession. So in conclusion, I believe that prostitution should not be legalized as of now. I do think that with more education and regulation, a more well developed model of prostitution could come to fruition and grace the women, and men for that matter, who do find that prostitution is the profession that they chose to do in life, and it could ultimately make prostitution a safe and healthy form of sex

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