Should Under Age Marriage Be Allowed

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Under Age Marriage: Should it be allowed? Mariam Al Failkawei 0009405 ENGL 112-1 Gerald Naughton April 2, 2016 Under age marriage Do you think that teenagers should be allowed to marry? Marriage under the age of 18 has become less prevalent nowadays compared to older times however; it is still seen more commonly in some societies to this day. Marriage is by law and most cultures a holistic bond that is created between to people who have decided to share their lives together. With this bond comes a huge amount of responsibility for people involved. This level of responsibility could be rather overwhelming to the young under 18 individual. Moreover, many people who get married under the age of 18 have to give up large portions of their life in order to make the marriage work. For example, some couples who get married young have to give up their educations and careers which leaves them with little money and miserable. Many young people when they take decision to spend the rest of their life with a new family, they usually don’t have any ability to take care of their own family. In fact, people under age can’t understand the relationships between two couples and the world to the extent required for a successful marriage. Also, taking a serious step in their own life such as getting married have disadvantage like having to leave high school early which they need to have job to provide for their family. In real life, many of couple under age think of divorce because they

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