Should Voting Age Be Lowered To 13 Essay

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Should the voting age be lowered to thirteen? I think that the voting age should stay at eighteen. The reasons I think this is because, younger kids are immature, they don’t pay taxes, and they don’t know how government really works. One of the reasons I think the voting age should not be lowered is because younger kids or teenagers are immature. Some claims you can state that may conclude they are immature are because they would vote for fun and not take the voting seriously. They also would probably vote because of a funny post on some social media. In my opinion I think they would go off and hear things from their friends that are untrue and base their vote off of that rumor. It is even worse when they go off and tell their friends…show more content…
Not everyone knows how the government works. Even adults sometimes get confused or stay out of conversations with the government because they don’t know where they stand. That is one of the reasons I think the voting should stay. They might think they know what they are voting for but that’s not always the case. Many children of the ages of thirteen through fifteen don’t know much about how government really works. They might be hoping for something that one of the candidates promised to happen and get their hopes up. I think they would possibly hear something from a peer and think that it is true and vote for the candidate because it sounds interesting. I also think that someone might see a commercial or an ad that says something about a candidate and vote because of that claim. They really don’t know politics well so they might just pick off of anything they have heard about the candidate In conclusion, there are many more reasons I think the voting age should stick eighteen, but these are some okay ones. There is actually an amendment that will tell you exactly why the voting age is eighteen. It states that it is at eighteen because at the time, if you were eighteen, you would have to be drafted into the military therefor giving you the right to
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