Severa Focusing Theory

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MANAGEMENT THEORY ON CELLULOID JANARDHANREDDY.K1 & A. PHANIRAJA KUMAR2 ABSTRACT Films in today’s age are a really powerful way of sharing information and not only one way information but two ways. Sharing one’s opinions and ideas about particular are portrayed in an entertaining yet informative manner. Once the movie is made and released, the audience’s reaction and opinion about it makes it a two way communication process. And especially with all the internet-socio activities being so in these days, it is not at all difficult to share one’s views about a movie. Wegner of U.S is the pioneer of using films as a medium of teaching organizational behavior as well as management theories and concepts. The unique qualities of films are described by the film theories and film studies literature. Film theory also describes how film can enhance the learning process in ways unavailable in other media. In this paper an attempt is made by giving examples from …show more content…

For example, in The Hudsucker Proxy the use of deep focus in the accounting department scene shows all the accountants at once, this gives a comical vision of accountants. Soft focus keeps the objects nearest the viewer in focus and puts objects farther away i.e. out of focus. This method emphasizes one part of a scene and de-emphasizes another part. The film Top Gun has several examples of this technique in the opening scenes. Soft focusing emphasizes on hand signals, people, and parts of aircraft, adding to the drama of aircraft carrier deck operations in the film Top Gun. They also show these artifacts of U. S. Naval aviation culture of that time so clearly. Deep focus, Soft focus and other cinema techniques make the scenes a powerful visual portrayal of several parts of organizational culture

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