Sierra Leone Civil War Analysis

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Since the beginning of human life, there has always been the oppositions of good and evil. Some have the assumption that a person is born good and can turn evil based on bad decisions made in their life. These people are optimistic; they see the goodness within everyone, even if they are a cold-hearted killer. While others believe you are born with a good soul or born with an evil soul. These people are pessimistic; they believe that the world is doomed and can offer them nothing. They believe that the game of life, that we all play, is every man for himself. As a child, you either read or watched movies about superheroes or fairy tales. Both types of story lines have a clear-cut antagonist (the evil) and protagonist (the good). As you grow…show more content…
The world deals with the good and evil; for example, war has these two opposing sides, but is there really a good side and an evil side when they are fighting and killing each other. In 1991, the country located in Africa, called Sierra Leone was undergoing a civil war (until…show more content…
The goal of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) was to overthrow the government. They gained so much control by financing in the diamond industry within Sierra Leone and developing a constant fear of them taking over within every citizen. The movie Blood Diamond tells the story of the civil war located in Sierra Leone. It was directed by Edward Zwick and premiered in 2006 (Blood Diamond). The movie tells the story of Danny Archer, who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who meets this black fisherman named Solomon Vandy, played by Djimon Hounsou. Solomon was captured by the RUF and is forced to work in a diamond camp. These two come together to recover a rare diamond that will change both of their way of life, but first they must conquer the rough terrain and the war (Blood Diamond). Danny Archer was raised in way that many children would never experience. Danny was born in Rhodesia. By the age of nine, there was a war within his home
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