Silat Legenda Film Analysis

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Production design is one way in which the director should work with top manufacturers to deliver the story and meaning to the spectators. After that, the story would turn into a screen by setting design of characters, costumes and props through layout, composition, shape, position, size and color relationships. This will contribute to the narrative and sometimes into the narrative itself. This paper will look at the design of the main settings in Silat Legenda animated film. The success shows that they not only became an icon but also the indices and symbols that serve to support the story. In fact, it also meets the needs of film narrative for effective results. The principles contained in the discipline of semiotics, archetypes, the binary…show more content…
Sequence 1 is the prologue that sets the stage for a conflict in the story. It consists of three scenes the forests, caves and mountains in the Mountain Heights. Sequence 2 is the introduction of five students in their bathyscaphe that served as a clubhouse. The next Sequence 3 shows the display has been erased. However, revived in Sequence 4, which is in a class of school children. Sequence 5 shows martial arts arena where school children are listening to the story of a girl from their teachers Melaka. Animated prepared in Sequence 6 is an antique shop in the old part of Melaka, where ancient books were found. Whereas, Sequence 7 is their proposal go to Mount Ophir. Then, Sequence 8 shows the schoolboys went looking for magic bullet in Mountain Heights and found the weapons in a cave. After that, plus the 9 Sequence with the disclosure of a hologram who tells Selman them that they are modern-day heroes. Sequence 10 shows that the action hero for the first time no and disappeared. Sequence 11 is a display of school boy with Mon's minions on construction sites and caves Mona LRT. In sequence 12 is of Selman monition sad when the two heroes join. Sequence 13 shows one of them know the secret behind it. Then, Sequence 14 shows the spiritual practice by school children in the Mountain Heights and they returned to the house. Next, Sequence 15 represent Mona cheat Prof. Kefli a rogue scientist, causing flooding in the River Mall. In sequence 16, Mona meets up in River Mall to end up the conflict. Next, in Sequence 17 is showing a hero towards River Mall for dealing with Mona. Lastly, Sequence 18 is where they go back to the ancient books of the old bookshop
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