Similarities Between Autistic Characters

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Autistic characters are in several movies, but that does not mean that there is diversity in autism representation. Consequently, the similarity between the characters builds only one autistic as a reference of the disorder. If information were collect by Hollywood, the main symptoms would consist in intelligence above average and averse to affection. However, only ten percent are a genius while most have intellectual disabilities and there are those with normal intelligence. And if the autistic do not demonstrate affection does not mean that there are no feelings inside, on the contrary, they can be over sensitive and do not know how to deal with it. Mostly, those represented have Asperger Syndrome and Savant Syndrome, by the way, it is worth noting that not every person with this syndrome is autistic. Therefore, watching …show more content…

At the same time that an autistic person does not speak a word, another speaks perfectly. ASD include symptoms in social communication, behavior, flexibility, and sensory sensitivity and there are three levels: requiring support, requiring substantial support and requiring very substantial support. The first level, as Asperger Syndrome, consists in deficits in social communication, for example, people who speaks normally when in a social event fail in conversations, and inflexible behavior; the second comprises verbal and nonverbal deficits in social communication, limited vocabulary and inflexible/repetitive behaviors; third level, severe verbal and nonverbal deficits in social communication, quite limited vocabulary and extremely inflexible/repetitive behaviors. These characteristics are not the sole basis of autism, as it also includes resistance to change, little or no eye contact, attachment to objects, resistance to physical contact, occasionally aggressive, turns objects peculiarly, extreme agitation, crying crises, disinterest, among

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