Similarities Between Big Fish And Edward Scissorhands

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Tim Burton is a unique and creative director who effectively conveys emotion in all of his films. In Burton’s films, you can track clear contrasts of colors in all of his films: bright, popping colors for the happy or seemingly perfect scenes/sets and dark colors with blue-ish undertones in the scenes/sets where everything is supposed to be sad or eerie. The main characters in his stories normally embark on crazy adventures whilst the supporting characters conflict with the main characters. By developing his films with cinematic categories sounds, lighting, and camera angles, Burton is able to manipulate the audiences’ feelings the way he feels is appropriate for each scene.
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In Big Fish, a film about a young man who must accept his father’s ludicrous stories and make peace with his father before it is too late, Burton integrates high key lighting in all of the flashbacks and unrealistic scenes of the film. Upon Edward, the father, surprising his future wife, Sandra, with a field of yellow daffodils, Sandra appears to the audience as “glowing” and the scene is bustling with a variety of bright colors. By doing this, Burton demonstrates to the audience how joyful and miraculous Edward’s stories are and he makes them dreamy or even fantasy like. When being transported back to reality, however, the scene is engulfed with grey and blue undertones which gives the flashbacks less credibility and make them seem much more unrealistic, contributing to the fact that the stories Edward tells may very well be made up like Will believes and that the reality they live in seems much harsher than the stories that Edward tells. Then in the scene of Edward Scissorhands, where Peg drives up to Edward’s house to advertise her makeup, Burton uses lighting to mold what the audience should feel for lighting. Burton first starts off in the scene where Peg is driving up the hill, with dead trees, bushes and grass passing the car as she drives by. When she arrives to the gate, the audience will be able to notice the overgrown …show more content…

In the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where all the ticket finders are lined up at the entrance of the factory, Burton uses low angle to let the audience know how important the factory is. A low angle shot is used when revealing the whole front side of the factory to not only present the audience an idea of how marvelous the factory is, but to also put the audience in the eyes of anyone there at the factory, as if they were there looking up at the factory. Then, in the scene from Big Fish where Will tells a story where he ends up dropping his father, Edward, into the river and he becomes the fish, Burton uses high angle to make the scene of Edward and his father seem small compared to all the stories that were told, to indicate to the audience a wacky “finale” after all the beserk stories. By using camera angles, Burton is able to display to the audience what can be thought of as powerful and/or grand, as compared to what can be thought of as weak and/or

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