Similarities Between Columbus And Lindbergh

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Christopher Columbus & Charles Lindbergh were both pioneers of their times and conducted many amazing wonder’s that carried out through history. If you didn’t know, Columbus went on a voyage to the East Indies but ended up finding something better, North America. In producing this essay, I will explain to u the similarities and differences of each men, what each men hoped to achieve, their hard challenges, skills, & the effect of the 400 year difference between the two. Columbus & Lindbergh had many similarities that were very well known throughout history. One of the biggest similarities of the two was their voyage across the atlantic and what they accomplished across it. Another was their non stop determination to get where they had to be. Columbus and Lindbergh had some major differences as well; one was the big 400 difference between the two. During Columbus's time they used boats called carvel’s which was not the type of boat he voyaged in but they were the ships that sailed with him; he sailed in a bigger type of boat called a carrack. Columbus must …show more content…

Columbus had to deal with the hardships of the weather, diseases that he could catch at any minute and other violent crew member’s. He went through nine of his ships being sunk and there were barely any food to go around and bad as it was the food was not properly sanitized for proper consumption(“what were some of Columbus's skill’s”). Lindbergh had many internal problems like one his son disappearing then showing up dead and he feared that he would have money problems throughout trying to achieve his goal. Lindbergh had to make his plane hold more fuel so he had to make a better design for it so he wouldn’t crash in the ocean (“Spirit of St. Louis”). One challenge that each of the men shared was getting over their fears. Even though each men had challenges they had to face their goals were met at the

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