Similarities Between Haiti And The Giver

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In Haiti at least 50 percent of the population don’t go to school! People in Haiti also only make about 1,800 a year. (Brown and Smith). In The Giver by Lois Lowry The society is a welcoming society. They each have jobs and make money and enough money to feed their families and live in homes. The society In The Giver the community is safe they don’t have any homes that are wrecked the society is safe and sound. In The Giver society they have food they eat fruits and vegetables they stay healthy. This is why The Giver is more desirable than Haiti In crisis. In Haiti More than 50 percent of the population is in poverty And 21 percent Percent of the kids have to work. This is Why Haiti is not a good place to live.
The Giver’s society has good

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