Similarities Between Joeboy And Vinny

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There once were two boys named Joeboy and Vinny,they were a set of boys who were always in some kind of trouble,most called them very mischievous, i would call them extreme risk takers.When they put themselves though situations they enjoyed the risk so that make them brag about themselves.Vinny and Joeboy have so much in command that if I did know them I would think that they were brothers, but,there is so much to tell them apart. Joeboy was wild and fearless like if nothing can stop him .He is like a big bully, but also a clown.He made all kinds of mean jokes about Vinny.Joeboy in more savage and crazy .He is savage in an ignorant way because if someone tells him what is best he don 't care to listen, he just wants to have funny.I think Vinny
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