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The movie Simon Birch (1998) directed by Mark Steven Johnson, based on the book A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, is a comedy-drama that will have you laughing one minute and tearing up another. With the help of the cinematographer Aaron Schneider, and the main characters Ian Michael Smith (Simon) and Joseph Mazzello/Jim Carrey (Joe), it is a beautifully created movie. It is a four out of four star movie because of the good use of characters and cinematography. The movie takes place in New Hampshire in 1964. It’s about two boys, Simon Birch and Joe Wentworth, and their friendship. Simon Birch is a dwarf who is convinced he was put on Earth by God to do something great, and Joe Wentworth is his best friend who believes he’s just being crazy. Things take a turn for the worst at the one of the boys’ baseball games. Simon goes up and is told to swing by their coach, but when he does, the baseball hits Mrs. Wentworth and she collapses and dies immediately. The boys then are set on a journey to find out who is Joe’s dad, since Mrs. Wentworth never got the chance to tell him, and didn’t tell anyone else. At a church …show more content…

It helps the viewer focus on the plot and what’s going on in the movie, rather than worrying about the poor cinematographics. This is especially important to making a quality movie. The well taken camera angles are a huge help, as they are always being focused on the important aspects of each scenes, rather than being messy and focusing on unnecessary unimportant props and such. The panning of the camera isn’t sloppy or distracting, which becomes a problem in poorly made movies. The movie Simon Birch is a four out of four star movie because of the well made characters and the great cinematography. It will have an emotional impact on most viewers, and will at least make the others have a good laugh. This film is a heartwarming comedy

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