Simon Buchner Thesis

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Simon B. Buchner is a lieutenant general, born April 1, 1823 to January 8,1914, an infantry soldier. He graduated the United States Military Academy of the class 1844. He is from Kentucky and in 1861, he was appointed adjutant general by Governor Briah Magoffin. With that position, he tried to enforce Kentucky’s neutrality policy in the early days of the civil war. He was transferred to the department of Tennessee and directed an infantry corps at the Battle of Chickamauga. Battle of Chickamauga was fought from Sept. 19-20, 1863, near Chattanooga and it was the second civil war battle, it was the deadliest battle in the west. The Confederate outnumbered the Union with 18,454 soldiers, while there was 16,170 soldiers in the Union. The Union

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