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Imagine the Battle of Lookout Mountain. The Battle of Lookout Mountain was the most important battle leading to the Civil War. It was a very important victory for the Union as they gained control of the southern region. This battle ultimately lead up to the Union winning the war. As a result of the Union winning this war, they won the south, which is the reason why they won the whole war. Lookout Mountain is located southwest of Chattanooga, Tennessee. A Confederate victory at Chickamauga allowed leader Braxton Bragg to take over the area before the battle. It was a good place because of its location, a central area in the southern region. While the Confederates were at this location looking out for Unions, another threat occurred. It was …show more content…

The battle and the action there occurred on November 24, 1863. Joseph Hooker led 12,000 Unions against 1,200 Confederates. ( Confederates were caught off guard tending to forces at nearby Missionary Ridge. The battle began around 10:00 o’clock am. The battle consisted of 3 hours of continuous fighting and ended around 1:00 o’clock pm. 720 Union soldiers died, and 521 Confederates also passed away during this battle. ( The outnumbered soldiers were forced to retreat as they went to Missionary Ridge which they had been defending already. The Confederates were seized in the Chattanooga Valley at Missionary Ridge. They had nowhere to go and were completely trapped. This lead to them giving up and surrendering the war. This victory was extremely important for the Union. The battle of Lookout Mountain is nicknamed “the Battle Above the Clouds.” This is because, “The mountain stands 2,293 feet tall.” ( The war was fought in fog and darkness. One soldier even said it was “undoubtedly the toughest battle field of the Civil War.” These conditions were not ideal for a war because they were shooting guns and they could barely see. Many disasters could have happened, such as shooting a fellow soldier. Luckily, there are no known reports of this happening. This war could have been disastrous because of the poor

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