Simple Assault

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What Is Simple Assault In New Jersey?
An assault refers to an attempt made by a person knowingly to cause bodily harm to the other and can attract civil or criminal liability and sometimes both. In New Jersey, an assault is classified as a simple and aggravated assault and carries serious penalties and charges. Even if you were arrested mistakenly for an assault or were only defending yourself, you still have to answer many questions to keep your record clean. Discussing your case with most affluent and local defense attorney can prove beneficial in defending yourself in such violent crimes. It is a matter of high priority that you seek services of a New Jersey Criminal Attorney immediately if caught under a simple or aggravated assault.
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A bodily harm, as per NJ laws comprises of a physical harm or pain and does not include mental agony. Whereas when an injury results in a serious damage to an organ or its impairment or carries a risk of death then it gets classified as a serious injury. Any simple assault is classified as disorderly persons offense and carries a penalty of 6 months of jail and a fine of up to USD 1000. However if it was a result of a mutual fight between two adults then it comes under petty disorderly persons offense and carries a penalty of 30 days of jail with fine of up to USD 500. The judge may in few cases, order a higher fine amount not exceeding twice the amount of actual damages of the victim.
It is noteworthy that under the following two cases, a simple assault can be considered as a crime of fourth degree attracting a prison term of up to 18 months or a fine of up to USD 1000 or even both:
• A simple assault caused to an institutionalized elderly while working as an employee in a care center
• Committing a simple assault at school or community sponsored sport event in presence of a child below 16 years of

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