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INTRODUCTION The study of the everyday life amongst the Chinese in Singapore will not be comprehensive should we neglect the social and cultural aspects of their lives. The transformation of the social and cultural aspects of Chinese Singaporeans over time has been insightful, and especially so in rural Singapore. It is essential to rethink how social-cultural forces, network and institutional factors shapes the everyday life of ethnic Chinese in Singapore. This essay attempts to establish a relationship between the portrayal of Chinese identity amongst the rural Chinese along the Singapore River in the past. INTERVIEWEE BACKGROUND The interviewee is my paternal grandfather, Mr Ong Ah Moh, 82 years old this year. He is of Hokkien descent and…show more content…
After World War II in 1945, the Hokkiens managed to secure many of the best ‘jetties’ along the river for themselves, jetties being sections of the river quays claimed by a particular owner where goods can be loaded and unloaded. According to my grandfather, it was a brisk walk of less than ten minutes from the clan association to the quay where he worked. With the help of Google maps, the walking time from Telok Ayer Street to Boat Quay is the shortest, spanning a time of 8 minutes. This was validated in my…show more content…
Most Chinese speak Singaporean Hokkien, the standard that is based on the Amoy dialect of Xiamen, which is more or less comprehensible by Chinese of other dialect groups. My grandfather, however, did pick up the Malay language and Mandarin in his days working by the river when he conversed with people of different races and ethnic groups such as crane operators, lorry drivers and coolies employed who worked in the godowns along the river on a daily

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