Single Parent Family

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It is acknowledged that families fulfill a significant function in every society as well as in children’s life course since parents are the first point of contact of them. In most developed areas, children grow up in a family although the family form might change during the life time.

Nowadays, there is a quite special family form named single-parent family which has attracted a lot of academes’ attention. With the growth of the number of single-parent family since 1960s, developed countries have contributed a lot to the study of the influence of that specific family structure on the children. Especially the United States, its related researches have already moved toward maturely. However, although the increasing single-parent …show more content…

There are indeed some studies of single parent family in China, but among the total 1868 related researches, only 128 studies are academic researches which are mainly in the view of psychology using the qualitative methods.
With the rapid increasing rate of single parent family in China, it is realized that the study of single parent family is getting much more important than before and since there are not enough mature academic researches focusing on this, this report will be quite meaningful. It will present a major quantitative research of the single parent family in Shang Hai and analyze how it influences children’s educational performance which is definitely in the view of pedagogy. The result will engage schools, society and even government to take more attention to those students who are from single parent families. …show more content…

It is estimated that single parent family has a negative effect on the educational performance of children in Shang Hai. Secondly, the scores of children from single mother family and single father family will be analyzed to test the second hypothesis. The result is predicted to be that the educational performance of children from single father family is worse than that of children from single mother family in Shang Hai. And the final discussion will talk about the scores of boys and girls from single parent families which will be estimated that boys will perform worse than girls when they are from single parent

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