SIR Isaac Newton: A Brief Biography Of Sir Isaac Newton

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SIR ISAAC NEWTON 1 Sir Isaac Newton Jaqueline Martinez Algebra II PSJA North Early College High School SIR ISAAC NEWTON 2 The name Isaac Newton may sound familiar to you and if it does not then you surely must be living under a rock. He is known because of the concepts he has contributed in both science and math, many of which will be mentioned in this paper. “Philosopher, astronomer, physicist, scientist, and mathematician”, Isaac Newton was known for all of those titles but what was he before all of that? Good question, let us find out. He was born on a small settlement called Woolsthrope in Lincolnshire, England. There's two different dates for the day he was born but it all depends on what calendar you look at; the old one or new one. If you're looking at an old one the date will appear as December 25th, 1642 and in the new one as January 4th, 1643. Newton’s parents were Hannah Ayscough Newton and Isaac Newton Sr., a wealthy local farmer. And since Newton’s father was a Sr., that made Newton a Jr., Newton’s father did not get to see him become a bright individual, for he died three months before he was born. Also, Isaac was born as a premature and was not expected to live long. Newton was left by his mother at the age of three with his maternal …show more content…

Basically saying that the reason why something heavy is hard to push is because the force acting against us is stronger than the force we are using to push it and when something is easy to push is because our force is stronger than the force of the object being pushed against us. For example, if you kick a soccer ball up it always comes back down for the force of the ball is nothing compared to the force of gravity. If you think about it Gravity’s force is pretty strong since it is the reason why we don't “float to somewhere”, we walk, drive or run because gravity’s affect on anything that's on

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