Influence Of The Scientific Revolution On The Enlightenment

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Impact of the Scientific Revolution on the Enlightenment The Scientific Revolution as its name says was a revolution in science developed by different figures that shared their ideas and discoveries that would change forever the way humans perceive the world. All of these would influence the Age of the Enlightenment, an age where people started to think individually and differently. During the Age of the Scientific Revolution, scientists such as Isaac Newton shared inventions and discoveries with the world. Newton developed the Scientific Method that not only helped as a process for new findings, but also opened the mind of many thinkers whom started to apply reason to everything, a method that would change the world and define and start …show more content…

Thanks to scientists from the Scientific Revolution such as Rene Descartes, who “argued for the principle of autonomous human reason as the basis for human knowledge” (Kidner 504) he relied on logic and thought that people could analyze and actually think how something can be proven. This would lead to something new in “every aspect of human society, including art and culture, and the rapid accumulation of knowledge, free from religious overtones,” (Shuttleworth, “Science and the Enlightenment”) many would start to explore their own talents, knowing that they had the material in themselves to do it, they are rational human beings, can think for themselves, therefore can invent and

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