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There are always rumors that Sister Wives and other reality shows are fake, but now a family member is speaking out and saying that they faked things for the show and ratings. The show Sister Wives had done well, so if this is true it obviously worked for them. Radar Online is now sharing what a family member of the Brown family from Sister Wives had to say about it. Christine 's aunt, Kristyn Decker, is now speaking out and sharing that one of the biggest story lines may have been all for drama. She thinks that they just faked it to get ratings for Sister Wives.

Kody Brown: Accused of FAKING Sister Wives Drama For Ratings!

— VOUX Magazine (@VouxMagazine) March 15, 2016 When the entire show Sister Wives started, the Brown family was living in Utah. All of
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"They talked about moving to Vegas [to escape Utah 's anti-polygamy laws] long before they did. That was their plan and they used the State coming after them for ratings. That 's my strong opinion."

Christine Brown: Sister Wives Star "Miserable" With Kody, Polygamy!!!

— VOUX Magazine (@VouxMagazine) March 14, 2016 Christine 's aunt Kristyn used to live the polygamy lifestyle just like they do on Sister Wives. She actually left her husband and the Apostolic United Brethren polygamist sect of the Latter Day Saints that the Browns belong to. She has moved on from this lifestyle. Christine 's aunt Kristyn actually spoke out about how it all worked when she left the lifestyle.

"My leaving definitely had to do with [my husband 's behavior], but it was all the harms I saw around me. I left polygamy before I left my husband. I really regret being on the show. … [After] I was devastated, I cried. Christine tried to make me out to be a mean person who didn 't believe in choice, either traditional or religious. You can 't actually have a choice if you live under polygamy. If you chose not to do it, there is a
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