Sitting Bull's Death: Grand River, South Dakota

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Sittings Bulls Death Sitting Bull was 59 when he died at Grand River, South Dakota on December, 15, 1890. He was shot by Indian police because people was afraid that he was making a movement His life His mother was Her-Holy-Door and his father was Jumping Bull. Sitting bull was born on 1831 at Grand River Territory, South Dakota. Sitting Bull had one brother named Spotted Elk. Some of his wives were Seen-by-her-hair, Light Hair, Snow-On Her, Scarlet Women, and Four Robes. They got married in South Dakota. He did not get a proper education. His education was hunting skills and learning how to survive. He was a very powerful man. He stood up to the U.S government. He earned Chief in his tribe. Sitting Bull held numerous war parties. He was

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