Slavery Comes To Early Maryland Essay

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Maryland's Incontestable Truth of the Portrayal in American History The maryland colony was one of the southern colonies which provided them with many opportunities to become rich based on cash crops. Slavery played a major role in the construction of Maryland due to the many cash crops they had. Along with this, the colony was religiously based on Roman Catholicism. This colony is socially, politically, and religiously correct because they had amazing land for agriculture, they based their economy upon and put their trust into slaves, and the framework of the colony was based upon religion. The rich fertile soil of the southern colonies, gave them an advantage on the northern and english colonies.The wide variety of natural resources …show more content…

There were states that had also large amounts of slaves but it was still in the continuous loop of trading for slaves, and it seemed to have a never ending cycle. The colony started off small with indentured servants from England but wound up with a whopping population of around 111,500 in it’s prime years. “In the Colony of Maryland many of the settlers, or colonists began to establish themselves as tobacco growers, or planters. In order to do this, they need farm workers.” Terry, David Taft. “Slavery Comes to Early Maryland: A Brief Look.” Exploring Maryland's roots: Slavery in Early Maryland, Karen Kane, mdroots.thinkport.org/interactives/slaverytimeline/slavery.pdf. Accessed 27 Sept. 2017. As tobacco being the leading crop in the colony it provided countless hours of brutal work and sacrifice, and indentured servants couldn’t do the job, so they converted to slaves.The plantations in Maryland were oversized by tobacco, and as prices dropped the plantation owners had no other choice but to have to entrust heavily upon slaves to amplify profits. As being one of the biggest exports for tobacco it really provided them with a hardship and a burden really of having to care for such many slaves. Because of this they decided to make their plantations self-sufficient. Many plantations consisted of the main house, slave quarters, a dairy, …show more content…

When maryland was granted a charter, religious toleration was set into place, but the colonists wanted to set it into place. On April 21, 1649, the colony passed a law “The Maryland Toleration Act” which provided religious tolerance towards trinitarian christians, apart from the fact they are roman catholics. When this colony was brought to attention it had been somewhat based on their religious beliefs and so this set off a spark in the minds of religious toleration for others. ” The Colony was conceived as a refuge for English Catholics.” Softschools.Com. “Maryland Colony Facts.” Softschools.com, Softschools, 2017, www.softschools.com/facts/13_colonies/maryland_colony_facts/2037/. Accessed 28 Sept. 2017. Even though many colonies had religious tolerance, Maryland was the first to be based on roman catholicism. Although the charter had been originally issued to George Calvert he had died before it was formally introduced, even though before his death his title as secretary had been stripped after he declared himself being catholic. After his death his son Cecil Calvert was granted the charter and ironically it was made into a religiously based

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