Slaves Built The Pyramids Dbq

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The debate that slaves built the Great Pyramids of Giza has persevered for centuries. Thanks to technological advancement, scientists are uncovering more truth and accuracy about the past - specifically, the pyramids. What was once considered fact is now disputed by both scientists and historians.
It is commonly taught that slaves built the pyramids under the rule of a malevolent king. This claim persists today because of the Greek historian Herodotus. (Document A) ( Approximately two thousand years after the pyramids' creation, Herodotus traveled to Egypt to collect information for his history book. Locals told him that Khufu had a slave force of one hundred thousand men, and "brought about every kind of evil.” ( To gage the accuracy of Herodotus’ claims, consider that he calculated 100 thousand workers building the pyramid, while modern science estimates between 10 and 20 thousand. ( Hollywood continued carrying the torch, perpetuating the slave claim since 1955. ( Although this theory is still widely accepted, there is a profound …show more content…

(Document D) The graffiti belonged to different tribes constructing the pyramids, written in places that were not supposed to be seen. One tribe called themselves “the Friends of Khufu Gang" which suggests a friendly relation to the king. In a separate investigation, beer, bread, and a dozen preserved skeletons occupied tombs near the pyramids, an honor that would not have been bestowed upon slaves. ( “Some of the skeletons also suggest that the workers [...] were well treated [...] the workers did have access to good medical care.” ( If slaves built the pyramid, then why were they buried so close to the pyramids with supplies for the afterlife, why did they consider themselves friends of Khufu, and why were they treated so

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