Political Power Dbq

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There are four different powers. Political, economic, military, and religious are all effective in our lives. The two forms of power that have been most effective throughout history are economic and political. These two powers are important because economic power had to do with all the trade that was doing now and political power since someone had to control the land and the people.
First effective form of power is economic. Source A, "Map of Africa salt and gold mines and trade routes," and source b, "Chart of Medieval European feudalism" are both connected to the power of economic. After reading the details in Source A, it is clear that there were trade routes, which they traded salt and gold. One of the most important places in Africa was …show more content…

Source B, "Chart of Medieval European feudalism," and source c, "Map of the spread of Islam" are both connected to the power of political. After reading the details in Source B, it is clear that there was a social pyramid to show who was on the top and bottom, the money range of all the people, and what they did. The head of the social pyramid was the king, the king had all the power, he has all the money, and makes the rules. The next person was the lords and they were military aids and they were loyal. The second to last person on the pyramid was the knights. The knights were the ones who protection everyone in the kingdom. The last people on the pyramid was the peasants, which paid rent and farmed the land (they really didn 't get a lot of respect). Similar to Source B, Source C states there were trade routes, so that people can trade gold and salt. Also, the territory were getting taken over. The last thing is that the dates were also getting taken over. After reading both of these sources they both show that there was a difference in population and the territory 's getting taken over.
Political and economic are two important power in the history and now. Economic power is the power that is trade and money that is getting traded. Political power is the power to control behavior of people and all the peoples

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