Female Empowerment In The Film 'Maleficent'

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A film may be considered as a commercial enterprise whose business is the selling of entertainment. However, certainly it offers more than that, it tells a story, a reflection of the way a society works and how its people function in relation to ideology and culture which are constantly developing and changing. Given that, Maleficent is one of the movies which show this shifting trend, it moves from an unrealistic plot of women waiting to be saved by a man to an era of portraying women as heroes. The film suggests the idea of female empowerment, in a general viewpoint; the female characters may be able to overcome obstacles and solve problems on their own. Nonetheless, this essay will discuss if that is in reality the case, what lies behind the idea and whether or not there is anything more complex than what may be seen. Thus, the focal point is the theme of girl power and sisterhood explored in the movie Maleficent.
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A story of a beautiful fairy of pure heart, who lives her peaceful life in the Moors, a land full of magical creatures. One day, an army threatens the land and she rises up to become its protector. Nevertheless, a terrible betrayal occurs, it breaks her heart and thus, transforms her into an evil fairy who seeks for revenge – she curses the king’s newborn daughter, Aurora. First of all, the concept of girl power, which is referred as “both physical and mental strength” (Lemish 21) is represented through the character of Maleficent. At the beginning of the movie, ever since she was young, Maleficent cares for the land, as she plays with her dolls in the tree and hears a noise, a

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