Social Changes In Society: Social And Social Change In India

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Social change is common to all societies. It occupies an important position in consciousness of humanity. Man and society has evolved from time immemorial by undergoing change in its individual units. Its nature pattern and causes have links with certain historical and societal conditions in time and space which form its basic frame work. The material and subjective factors are shaped by the socio-historical circumstances of particular society. Each factor has their own share in influencing the pattern of change. That however comes to play at a particular juncture. Understanding social change is a humongous task due to its vast expanse and complexity. What is social change? We need to understand the meaning of social change before going to further detail about social change in the Indian scenario. Social change can be described as a variation in, a modification of, any aspect of social process, social patterns, and social interaction within a social organization. The nature and pace of social change are not uniform in each age or period in a same society. It is difficult to make any prediction about the time and form of social change. Social changes are various types and can be explained with different terms such as process, evolution, growth, progress, development revolution etc. Social change could be understood and examined in the light of ideals, goals and theories of the observer. A particular social change may be good or bad, desirable or undesirable, sacred or

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