Social Changes In The Early 1900s

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Although there were many social justice changes in America during the early 1900s, there were also many cultural changes in this time in history. Transportation innovated a lot throughout the early 1900s, cars and streetcars were built to help decrease the traffic in highly populated cities. Frank Sprague designed the first electric streetcar system. Streetcars were an easy way of transportation and were fast, clean, and quiet. The streetcar lines ran from the city center to the outside of the city, creating the suburbs. Other then streetcars, cities built passenger trains on overhead tracks. Subways and overhead railroads helped workers to get to and from their jobs rapidly. Transportation wasn’t the only thing that changed in cities. Cities began to set aside land for parks that contained zoos and gardens. These parks were created so that people could enjoy the green grass and trees while having access to the city life. New department stores sold all new kinds of goods in different sections, so that people can shop in their leisure time. The American economy was able to produce goods at a cheaper price then previously, resulting in Americans being able to afford them. By this time Americans were able to become both producers and consumers of goods and various services. Sports began to grow in America also. Sports provided a great escape from the pressures of work for many people. Baseball was the most popular sport at the time, organized baseball was first played in New

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