Social Class And Socioeconomic Status Essay

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Cook, Jennifer M. and Gerard Lawson. "Counselors' Social Class and Socioeconomic Status
Understanding and Awareness." Journal of Counseling & Development, vol. 94, no. 4,
Oct. 2016, pp. 442-453. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1002/jcad.12103. Accessed 26 Apr. 2017.
This article talks about the indicators that help determine what kind of social class someone comes from. It continues on by stating that social class can affect an individual's personality and how they see themselves and the abilities they acquire when comparing themselves to people in other social classes. As people in different social groups view and connect with the world around them in completely different ways. The article is relevant to my topic because it gives me good factual information …show more content…

His ideas are mostly based on the class struggles of the non-workers that have claimed ownership of the products made by workers. Someone’s socioeconomic status affects their life and future endeavours as they do not have many opportunities to take in life. The middle class has the open opportunity for receiving an education, but the working class does not. Homelessness is also a factor to social status and homeless people have one right to them and that is to be treated with respect when they are trying to apply for a job. In New Zealand’s Human Rights Act 1993, being homeless or unemployed is a protected attribute as people should all have equal opportunities. This reference is bit of a vague one but it has some good points that will help me backup my examples from the short story. Since I will be talking about the characters’ use of language based on their social status I can back it up with the lack of education the working class has compared to the middle class. Also when I will be expanding on the party preparations, I can use the information about the middle class taking ownership of the what the working class actually did for

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