Social Classes In The Aztecs

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The man was in command of the family and he was to teach them and provide for them as best he could. The rights for women were finally recognized, but even so they were inferior to men. Girls ' marriages were arranged, but they could own property, and if they were a weaver they were held in high respect. Social classes were more easily seen. In order of highest to lowest these are the classes: Ruler’s Family, military, government roles, scribes, artisans, healer, serfs, and lastly slaves and criminals. Social classes really came into play when the calpullis’ had to adapt to more land. Different races, Chichimec/Maya/other tribes, were seen in the mix. Aztec government’s face a royal ruler treated like a god and a council supporting him, even though all the power was with the the ruler and the chief advisor. Nezhualcoyotl, king of the Aztec in the 15th century, wrote a hymn called, …show more content…

The children were taught by their parents who were their role models. The art that was drawn was mostly for religious purposes. These drawings were mostly of birds, flowers, or of an animal eating a human heart. They also wrote many religious hymns such as, “lord of the close vicinity”. They used math and science to create a calendar so that they would be able to have religious celebrations. They also made advancements in medicine. Much like Hinduism the 128 plus gods were both male and female. They were depicted much like avatars and were given human sacrifices so that they would not destroy the world like they had four times before. The ritual of pulling out the victim’s heart was considered an art. The Aztecs believed that their devotion would save the world for the time being and provide good harvest. Their philosophy was to devote themselves to creation. Eventually the religion became cult like and the main god was Huitzilopochtli, god of

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