Social Constructs In Spirited Away

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To begin with, one could observe many fictional social constructs that have conquered our society. Over time, societies have socialized us to believe made up narratives such as gender roles, marriage, and religion, effecting billions of people 's behaviors on a daily basis. In fact, these social constructs have caused division, misinformation, and suffering to the human race. To expand, social constructs eliminate free expression in societies, then leading to tyranny. Likewise, another key consequence of these social constructs is that they are a source of psychological pain for the deviants in that society. For instance, In the film Spirited Away, Chihiro has reached the point of puberty, while also moving to a new town with her parents, this is a perplexing combination for Chihiro, therefore enabling her to search for her identity in a supernatural world, here, Chihiro truly discovers that social norms are subjective and at times absurd. First of all, the film begins with Chihiro and her parents driving into the unknown, a metaphor for her puberty, Chihiro fears change while she tears up flowers that represent the decay of her childhood, innocence, and dreams. Then, Chihiro and her parents stop at an abandoned amusement park, where her parents turn into pigs, the symbolism here being that Chihiro has attained an age that she is on her own, she is an individual ready for the beauty and suffering of this world. To expand, the film is breaking the status quo of family

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