Social Disorganization Theory Of Crime

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In today's society crime tends to be more present in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Not all neighborhoods start out as a heavily violent one. Each neighborhood goes through a cycle to gain the negative reputation it has to this day. When there is a change, not everyone can adapt as well. With changes comes industries pushing local out of their homes, then a decrease in opportunities to works and this eventually leads to people competing with each other. Crime has a significant impact that leaves a negative reputation for all who live in that particular neighborhood. When using the social disorganization theory as a base, it is seen through rapid change, competition, and social structure, that poor neighborhoods tend to have a higher level…show more content…
According to Shaun (2013) Gabbidon in a book called Race, Crime, and Justice : A Reader, the author looks at how many of the city areas has gain the reputation as a violent community with crime “inner city increased concerned of the most disadvantage” (p.180). Mention earlier, rapid change can weaken a community and allow for criminal behavior to take place. Changes come in different types of events. For example, immigrants moving into a community or industries buying homes and forcing people to move to other areas. With the changes that are happening sources that were once plentiful becomes limited. As a natural response, there is a competition for dominance. Some may be to find ways to make ends meet or survive through deviant behavior. As a result, there is a potential fight for territory and supplies. This falls under the category of gangs. There's a rise in aggression when anyone interferes with one's territory which leads to violent within the neighborhoods. As there is no control of the neighborhood due to rapid change and unemployment the rate of violence increased. If you take a look at Chicago you'll see the long battle of poverty and crime particularly murders in youth. Crime continues to be high in cities like Chicago because of the need to compete. Gangs grew over the course of time in poor neighborhoods.…show more content…
In many urban areas where crime is present in neighborhoods, there's a title of underclass people. The underclass has single parent homes mainly mothers, drug use, and many other factors that are found in a poor neighborhood. Arrests tend to be high in these areas because of the increase in crime. These crimes range from adolescence to adults. Delinquency becomes high because of the surrounding influences of a poor neighborhood. There's a high "index of concentrated disadvantage" (Akers, p. 170). The concentrated disadvantage has multiple measures to determine a family that is below the poverty line. Percentages for welfare, single-parent homes, and unemployment is gathered along with other information. These family circumstances and neighborhood conditions are explained through the base of social disadvantage
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