Social Media Changed Society Essay

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Without a doubt, society has changed so much since the big release of social media. Many may thinks that social media has made society better in a way that it improved the amount of social interactions, or some may also think that social media has actually provided the opposite effect - making more people become lonely with no friend to hang out with. While all of these points are considerable and can be supported with much evidence, facts, statistics, and scenarios, it may well be argued that the release of social media hasn’t actually changed society too much at all! At first glance, although this statement may seem questionable, just think again. Putting it in a simple manner, the release of technology didn’t make us “more” or “less” connected,…show more content…
When social media was first introduced, such things like this wouldn’t have happened. At first, everything was fine because everyone was being inclusive and proud for creating a new “Archetype” of communication. Nowadays, all of the problems such as depression, anxiety, and jealousy are all caused by one’s selfish desires/sinful nature. Just one person has the ability to produce a negative impact on society by literally sending one hurtful message. The point in clear - If everyone can just have a kind heart, be inclusive and encouraging, none of these online conflicts such as these would have even be introduced to society. We can refer back to the experiment of Group A and B. Other than the independent variable, which is the way people communicate with another, everything else remains the same. If a community can be consisted of everyone who has a mindset of building each others up instead of bringing other down through mean texts and messages, the amount of communication would remain constant, and none of the many problems today that have to do with online cyberbullying would have ever even happened. This is something everyone should consider. Simply put it this way: It isn’t social media’s fault that caused what we know as “Depression” today; It’s us who made all this

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