The Benefits Of Social Media

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When I was seven years old my great-grandma was dying, and she was in a lot of pain. A couple years ago she caught this disease that we had no idea about, so we went online and read all about it. It turned out that her cancer came back, however, my family thought that it could go away since it disappeared last time. The next week it got worse, so we took her to the doctors. The doctors said that she couldn 't get rid of her cancer, and that she didn 't have a lot if time to live. My mother went on social media to see what kinds of food would help ease her pain. Yes some things did not work out, but a few did. Turned out she lived for a few more years when she wasn 't supposed to. That is a great blessing that the internet has provided for me. …show more content…

I know this from experience. When I was in 6th grade, we used the network to help us with our science project. It increased our knowledge about our atmosphere and helped us pass our class. Many people learn about their surroundings on the internet. On a Youtube video by Erick Qualman," Socialnomics 2018" states, "two in three people get their news from social media"(Erick Qualman). A lot of the internet is used for news. It helps us keep track of our government, pollution, politics and more. Furthermore, he also stated, "93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media (Qualman). The media is used for advertisements, and many people buy things online. In the article NEWSELA "Social media can be both bummer and boon for the brain", it states," College students who viewed their own Facebook profiles enjoyed a boost in self-esteem afterward. By curating their online personas to reflect their best traits, users remember what they like best about themselves"(2). Therefore, if you want to get into a college, they can see what your profile looks like and see if you would make a great fit on their campus. Having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. would be a great way to show the colleges your personality and your behavior. Another reason, is that if you didn 't have the internet to use at school, then the school would have to pay more money for textbooks that you would read out of, and the paper that is being …show more content…

Many people may say that having the online sites can take away from your health and hurt your brain, but it actually helps you. In the article NEWSELA, it says," However, some academics and therapists are proposing a view that goes against the grain: They have found that social media may also help improve mental health by boosting self-esteem and providing a source of emotional support"(2). The web can make you feel better about yourself and improves with your skills. Whenever I am at home and I don 't know what to do, I 'll go on Instagram and look at posts that people have posted. A lot of the time I see posts that has a quote on it, and it sometimes makes my day. Yes people may say that being online can hurt you, but there are things out there that can make you feel better about yourself and others. On a Youtube video by David Girling," Does Social media have the power to change the world?", it states," In Jamaica health workers distribute information about HIV via social media". If we were not notified about the H.I.V. then a lot of people in America would have gotten sick, and it would take longer to find medicine to help you. In the Newsela article it said that " 'We have found that comments related to mental health are overwhelmingly positive. People can learn how to cope with symptoms and how to find the right support."(3, Naslund). If you are using the internet, then you or other people can

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