Social Problems Of Immigration

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Ever since the war in Syria and in many other countries, Lebanon has been overwhelmed with immigrants. The life on the streets has changed and our culture is being eaten up slowly disintegrating under a dark veil which is immigration. However, my father took this scenario to his advantage and started hiring immigrants for his factory which helped us a lot since we pay immigrants half as much as we used to pay local labor and we started noticing an increase in our profits. Many other countries have noticed the opportunity that is an outcome of immigration and started seizing this opportunity for their wellbeing. However, we are surrounded and engulfed by immigrants flooding our streets emerging from their homeland and into our own. Immigrants are jeopardizing our state of security and future by robbing us of our homes, jobs and lands. Immigration is a significant problem that is affecting all of us and it is necessary to deal with it to ensure the stability of each country. The literature review will discuss the problems of immigration and provide some limitations and possible recommended solutions.
Many countries have felt the need to force out immigrants and send them back to their own countries. Immigrants lately are causing so much trouble and its unbearable. These Immigrants are causing social and political problems, due to immigration, attracting criminal elements such as trafficking in drugs and people to other forms of crime and corruption. Also, racism can be

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