Problems With Illegal Immigration Essay

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The Problems With Illegal Immigration Immigration has been a major issue in the America. Especially illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a person who enters or lived in the country unlawfully, or without country’s authorization. There are many reasons why someone wants to immigrate to another country, such as religious freedom, economic opportunity, and political freedom. However, the main problems caused by illegal immigration are losing jobs, stolen taxpayer resources, and increase number of crimes. Many of American citizen are unable to find jobs because of illegal immigration aliens in America. Illegal aliens come to the United States to take jobs that offers them greater opportunity, and they are often welcomed by America employers …show more content…

Many people believe that the United States is the land of opportunity, better jobs, better education, and better life. So that’s the reason why so many people are migrating in the United States. To solve this problem, is to create more jobs program, so that can reduce illegal immigration enter the U.S.
Another solution is to improve work visa program. America is the home of immigrants, but the entry system of the country is broken, so many illegal immigrations could enter America.
A lot of immigrants arrive in the United States with legal documents, including visa and passport, that could permit them to enter The U.S. When their visa expires they become illegal aliens.
Another solution to reduce the number of illegal immigrants, are residing in the united states, removing them from the country it seems to be impossible. However, there are many different ways to solve these problems such as putting fire walls to computer, systems that prevent people with unverified status from a accessing them, or asking for a proof of citizen ship before receiving health treatment, or implementing tougher employment terms since they come to the United States to get jobs in the first place. And another way leads millions of illegal immigrants out of the country immediately, is to make life as difficult as possible for them to live in

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