Why We Should Legalize Illegal Immigration

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According to Wikipedia definition, illegal immigration is the migration of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. It is a global problem with overwhelmingly social-economic and political impact, typically from a poorer to a richer country.
Illegal immigration becomes an option when immigrants foresee the chances and benefits of successfully migrating are greater than the risks and costs. There is no doubt that this menace has eaten deeply into the fabric of our societal economic and political system. No or little wonder, why these issues have becomes a very hot topic among our current presidential candidates in the debate.
The potential benefits to immigrants is not only expected improvements in income and living conditions, but also expectations in relation to potential future residential permits, where illegal immigrants are given a path to naturalization or citizenship. It is not without a substantial cost to both immigrant as well as native-born residents of the destination countries. The costs may include …show more content…

The first approach is to secure our border tighter by our border patrol organization. This will limit the number of people entering. How can we safely secure our border? One of our political figure suggested that we should erect a long and high fence that may not permit easy access. Should we electrify the fence, if appropriate? This is a topic of discussion among the agencies. Additionally, those few ones who might be able to sneak through and caught should be deported back to their originating country. I will support the idea of providing an asylum or temporary permit to those who have been leaving in the country for years who are gainfully but illegally employed and paid there due taxes to the

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