Social System In The Middle Ages

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The middle ages was a difficult time period that resulted in famine, death, and poverty. During this time period a new system of government rose called the feudal system. The feudal system was a system of government that had social classes with kings being at the top and the peasants at the bottom with the nobles and knights in the middle. In the system the nobles/knights offered protection to the peasants in return for manual labor. All the different social classes had different standards of life but they were all crucial to the organization of the feudal system.. It consists of the peasants, lords, nobles, and kings.
The peasants were the main working force in the feudal system. Because they were the lowest of the social class they had a hard life. They worked everyday and "others were more like slaves. They owned nothing and …show more content…

The bishops were the second most important and highly regarded people in all of medieval Europe. They were associated with the catholic church which at that time was very powerful because "the Catholic Church was the only church in Europe during the Middle Ages, and it had its own laws and large coffer" (ducksters). People wanted to get to heaven so they would pray and devote their life entirely to gods will. To get into heaven you would have to listen to the bishop because he was the closest to god. The bishops were so powerful that they "sat on the king 's council and played leading roles in government" (what was it really like to live in the middle ages). The daily life of everyone was dominated by the church and people were so devoted that "It was not unusual for people to go to church everyday and pray five times a day. People believed that all the good things in life were due to the bounty of god and that the evil events of the times were due to their sins"(alchin). As it is shown the bishops were very influential and powerful because of the church. The feudal system and religon helped keep the bishops in their position in

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