Socialized Health Care System

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The appropriate health care system to choose for the United States is the socialized health care system. Socialized health care system has several benefits that the whole United States population will enjoy. The first benefit of socialized health care system is extending care. One thing that is evident in the United States is that individuals are dying every day because they lack access to health care services. With socialized health care system in place, every individual in the United States will be able to enjoy health care services irrespective of the social status. This will in result increase the lifespan of the individuals in the country.
According to Dye et al. (2013), socialized health care system has medical costs reduced. Currently, …show more content…

According to Dye et al. (2013), managed health care is very important since it attempts to address and integrate various functions of delivery. Second, managed care puts into consideration all the mechanisms towards the better utilization of medical services and determines the appropriate price for medical services.
Military medical care is another area of the current US health care system to include in the socialized health care system. The reason as to why this needs to be included is to continue catering for medical services for all the military personnel. Military medical care under socialized health care system will cater for both preventive and treatment measures at the same time giving high-quality services to the clients at all times (Atun et al., 2015).
The VA health care will also be included in the socialized health care system which will ensure that the retired military personnel who are disabled enjoy health care services. The health care provided to such personnel will cover for long-term care, mental health services and also hospital care. According to Dye et al. (2013), VA health care service will work well for socialized health care services aimed at reducing the medical care costs as low as possible. Furthermore, the care will provide contingency support, training and how the individuals can respond to emergency situations to evade further

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