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The Song Dynasty rose 56 years later after the Tang Dynasty fell. The Song Dynasty in itself was a dynasty which lasted from 960 to 1276, it’s divided into two time periods; The Northern Song(960-1127) and The Southern Song(1127-1279).

The Northern Song was an era when the empire was smaller than the Tang Empire. It didn’t control an area of Central Asia that was controlled by the Tang Empire. However the Southern Song Empire wasn’t any better and controlled only about 60% of the land area that the Northern Song empire had been controlling. After all they had lost the area north of the huai River.

The Song Dynasty ended up lasting 216 years before it fell. There’s a lot to be talked about like general history how the Song Dynasty came to be, how it did through the years, what kind of emperors did it have and how the Song Dynasty fell. Questions to be answered are; How the dynasty came to be? How did it do compared to other dynasties at the time? Why were the
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This later proved to be successful in later years for nurturing world leading scientists for their time.The officials were also known for their achievement in literature and arts. This helped them formulate policies for trade with other countries at the time as well as they introduced new weapons such as rockets and mortars.

Of course, there were struggles such as war. Such as the Liao Empire in the northeast for them was a military threat, the Northern Song court wanted to regain the land of the Western Xia. They were also in a conflict with the Viets in the southeast. In their campaigns against these three empires so was the Northern Song dynasty lost. For 150 years so was the result of the Song wars stalemate, they couldn’t conquer their neighbors, but neither did they lose significant territory to them. Therefore so did they manage to keep their territorial integrity until

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