Sonny's Blues And Antigone Analysis

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When one thinks of the "Good Life", one typically thinks of the end goal: a happy life. However, pursuing the "Good Life" contains many obstacles that can either break you or make you stronger. In "Sonny 's Blues" and Antigone, there are characters that struggle with having different values from others, representing a conflict between individual and society. These stories have characters that put themselves first, and because of this they suffer consequences. While Antigone and "Sonny 's Blues" have very different plots, the tension shown in them between individual and society is extremely similar. To begin, Antigone put her own values above society 's rules set by Kreon. When she expresses her plan to bury her brother, Ismene says, "Audacious one! Against Kreon 's express command?" (Sophocles, line 47). Ismene is the strongest representation of society opposing Antigone. She has a strong, negative reaction at Antigone 's goal of disobedience, and this is how the rest of society would likely react, too. Despite receiving disapproval from her sister, Antigone completes the burial of her brother and is quickly caught for her crime. Antigone is sentenced to death by the king, her ultimate consequence, so she instead kills herself to strip society 's power. The chorus informs us, "… within the furthest recess of the tomb we saw the maiden hanging by her neck, tied up there by a noose of finely woven cloth" (Sophocles, lines 1220-1223). By committing suicide, she upholds
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