Sophie Hudson's Reaching Achievements Camp (JRA)

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Sophie Hudson attends a camp called Juveniles Reaching Achievements Camp(JRA) during the summer. Being a part of Juveniles Reaching Achievements Camp for three years now, she enjoys it greatly. Her doctor recommended it for her when she diagnosed Sophie with a rheumatic disease, an autoimmune disease;the body’s own immune system is turning on parts of the body. The camp is directed towards people with these specific diseases. Sophie had Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis , uveitis and sarcoidosis. Walking around the camp you would see a dining hall , where campers would eat their meals. There is also a small building across from the dining hall called the med shed where they would take their medication. Between the med shed and dining hall there is a large field with a swing set and past that were winter cabins. The cabins lined up against the edge of the field and beyond that was more field and a massive hill with a little red barn at the top which she watched the most beautiful sunrises. …show more content…

Sophie meets people with the same disease as her in a group. The people she met at the camp could relate to her disease and understood what she was going through. Sophie has been going to this camp for three years and have made many friends that she will probably be friends with for the rest of her life, she loves going to the camp because she has a lot of fun and gets to visit with her friends. She made three really good friends there; Emily Becca, and another

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